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The template is intended to serve as a starter set and to provide help in creating your own template. With this template, special emphasis was placed on automatic image optimization. The template comes with the ws_t3bootstrap Extension, which provides the ViewHelper ws:widget.picture() beside other ViewHelpers. This is used instead of the f:image() ViewHelper. The special thing about this helper function is that it creates a picture tag with optimized images. For this, this helper function works together with the flux column element and bootstrap. It automatically calculates the maximum image size for each device view. This way, the editor only has to upload one image version, the template does the rest. Especially for SmartPhones an optimized image size is important to avoid too long loading times.
Because it is a widget-ViewHelper, it can also be called in any extension and the images in these can also be optimized. This is demonstrated among other things in the news extension.

This makes it even easier

With the Template Maker you can easily create your own template extension from the prototype extension demotemplate. Enter the desired name, the extension creates a copy and corrects all paths to the new extension.